A film about loss

Stockholm International Film Festival wanted to bring attention to the consequences of war, as part of Ukraine being the focus country of 2022. Instead of an ordinary campaign, we decided to create a film, which became part of the festival’s program.

The 397 minute long film Tysha (Silence) contains one minute’s silence for each child who was killed in the Russian invasion, up until the film’s release date. 397 minutes to think of the 397 children who lost their lives due to the actions of war-driven leaders. Experience the film below.

The first viewing was held at Biograf Sture in Stockholm with a few selected guests.

”There are no words for this... Only horror. Helplessness. Irreparable grief. I sit for an hour in silence, every minute of which the bell is ringing for one life that has just disappeared.”

– Kateryna Kisten, Ukrainian actress and victim of the war

To make sure the initiative didn’t go unnoticed by the Russian government, a sound manifestation was held outside of the Russian embassy in Stockholm at the same time as the film was shown at Norrmalmstorg.

Furthermore, the film was shown on the Stockholm Film Festival's screen at Norrmalmstorg with voices of culture as guests of honor.

(Among the guests were Parisa Liljestrand, The Minister for Culture, Paulina Brandberg, Minister for Equality, Amanda Lind, Chairman of the Culture Committee and the Ukraine ambassador Andrii Plakhotniuk.)

”The manifestation was deeply touching at many levels and a much valuable initiative.”

– Parisa Liljestrand, The Minister for Culture


Client: Stockholm International Film Festival
Creative Agency: APE_CC
Production Company: New Land
Director: Felix Scheynius
DoP: Hugo Hugo Otto-Vallin
Editor: Salomé Elliott
Stills Production: Bad Land
Photographer: Amanda Gylling
Press: Deliberate PR
Print shop: Åtta.45 Tryckeri